First Day of PSSAs

Our first day of PSSAs (standardized test in our state) was today. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but there are still more days to come.

There were some multiple choice questions, and then a writing prompt. To my surprise, it was a narrative prompt (write about two friends meeting again after being separated).

I wrote something I ended up actually really liking and wanting to continue. Typical. Absolutely typical. I always make something good out of a test prompt… and I lose it. I guess I could use the same idea and rewrite the story for myself, but I always write the best sentences in the test… and I’m not getting those sentences back.

We had a short 1st period class, and 2 hr delay schedule for the rest of school. In fact, first period (Creative Writing) was so short that once we opened our books to read the excerpt, the bell rang.



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