When You Catch a Cold…

And you keep on sniffing and sniffing. You might be annoying people around you, but come on, can’t they give you a break? You’re sick for goodness sake! GOSH.

And you feel miserable the whole day. Ughhh, why did you have to get sick?

And singing, talking, and eating become difficult and scratchy and…. eughhh.

And you know you’re probably going to run out of tissues when you need them the most, and now you have to awkwardly walk away with your hand pressed against your face so no one sees your nose dripping.

And you just want to STAY IN BED ALL DAY AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Because you deserve it, I mean… you caught a cold! AHHHH!

Okay, being totally real here, now. Getting sick is not that bad (unless you’re actually seriously sick, of COURSE). But colds are not that bad. Sure, they’re bothersome, but really, they don’t matter, and I’m not sure why people make such a big deal out of them.

People say life is about appreciating the small things, but I think it’s also about not fussing over small things.

If some issue in your life doesn’t matter much, try to move on. Yes, it’s very irritating in the moment, but you’ll be okay. Sure, you’re going to probably be upset over some of these smaller things, but also remember that you don’t have time to lose sleep over them. So move on with your life and do what you want to do!

(Note: Not trying to put anyone down; just trying to motivate people to get over the little things and move on to doing what you have to do.)



7 thoughts on “When You Catch a Cold…

  1. Okay so I have a cold right now…And to be honest, I actually needed to hear this! Because I can be such a sook (like i was just before ooops haha), so this reminded me to be thankful that it’s just a small cold that will go away! (((: xx

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