Band (Spring) Concert

We had our Band concert the day after the Orchestra, Chorus and Handbells one.

First, we went to the LGI (at the high school, where the concert was taking place) to warm up. We did some scales and note exercises, and we were…. very loud. Haha.

Then, we went out to the seats designated for Band members. The jazz band played first, and they sounded great! There were one or two solos.

After four songs by the jazz band, the 6th grade band performed, and then we (7th and 8th) were up. We played Triumphant Fanfare, Into the Woods, and Rolling Stones on Tour.

Three awards were given. Matt got one- no surprise there. He’s a really good saxophone player, and pretty much everyone in band knows it. He’s also in jazz band and has had multiple solos, even though they usually switch up the people for solos. Reade also got an award. That wasn’t surprising either- the band teacher said that this person was in chorus, band, and handbells, and he was the only one who fit that description. He said, “Act surprised, Reade!” and Reade did a dramatic gasp and shocked face. I don’t remember who the last person was, but I don’t think it was that surprising for them either.

Then, the 6th graders and the “Sonic Drum Squad” joined us, along with previous band members in the audience, and we played an encore.

Finally, someone took a photo of all of us together on the stage. It would be the start of a new tradition of having pictures of the band each year on posters in the band room. And it definitely isn’t the only tradition started this year… my last year here at the middle school band. Oh, and of course there was also a “silly” picture. Someone yelled for everyone to dab.



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