Orchestra, Chorus, and Handbells Concert

I feel like this is not my story to share, because I am not in Orchestra, Chorus, OR Handbells, but I shall tell it anyway.

I went to concert to see younger sister, in orchestra and chorus and vocal ensemble. I also saw a lot of my friends performing- Hannah, Yiran, Olivia, Madelyn (she had a singing solo), Reade, Isabelle, Lauren, and Emiliea (who also had a solo).

The orchestra went first (6th, then 6/7/8, then 7/8, and then 6/7/8 grades). The 7th and 8th grade orchestra played the Avengers theme!

Then, the handbells played. They sounded amazing. I feel like handbells are forgotten and underestimated at our schools. It must be really hard, actually. Since you only have two hands… you can’t play all the bells. So you have to be perfectly in sync with the other players. And their songs were certainly no simple “Twinkle Twinkle” songs. I imagine they all have a great sense of time and rhythm, being able to hear and count and respond to the other players that well, matching their notes on the sheet music with each and every other player’s sounds.

I really wish I tried more things this year… like handbells, chorus, and football. I won’t be able to do that next year, because I’ll be in high school, and I feel like freshman year is not the right time to start a bunch of things you’re mostly just trying because you’re curious and interested but you don’t want to seriously do. I’ll be very busy next year (all honors classes, and outside activities), so I don’t think I could manage it.

Next, the 6th grade chorus went, followed by the 7th and 8th, which sang Radioactive. Then, the Men’s Ensemble came onstage with a watermelon. And then the PMEA Chorus Fest singers sang. Finally, the vocal ensemble sang three songs, one of which was in French, I’m pretty sure. Or maybe it was in multiple languages, but the one I recognized was French. Anyway, my sister didn’t know either.

Then, they announced the awards. Andrew got his first. Thomas got an award… surprise surprise. He was in pretty much everything, either playing drums or singing, so it was kind of predictable. Madelyn got one, too, and I think she totally deserved it. The teacher said she was really talented, but also very modest, and never bragged or anything. I thought that was just so true. She was turning red and looked so surprised when she was announced. Reade also got an award, and he seemed surprised, too.

After awards, Rachel spoke about our vice principal and his achievements, such as being in the army and teaching- both for a very long time. She said we would miss him, and wish him a happy retirement. Then, they dedicated the last song of the concert to him. (It was like an encore song)



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