Exams and Bill Nye

Yesterday- Wednesday the 18th.

My first class was really chill… we just worked on each of our literary analysis.

There we’re only a few people. Most people in our grade were taking the Keystones (state exam) for Algebra. The Geometry students took that last year, when we were in that class, so we’re done with it and don’t have to take it this year.

Then, we had a math quiz in second period, which ended up being a lot more relaxed than I expected. It wasn’t very stressful at all; I actually felt quite calm, despite this being my least favorite chapter.

In third period, almost everyone was also in Geometry, so they took the quiz, too. For the beginning of class, we were madly arguing and discussing the quiz and interrogating each other about the answers.

The teacher mocked us, saying “Oohh, I got (0,0) for number 6, what did you get?”

Then she said we were going to bring the level down to Bill Nye video level. And apparently people thought he was dead, but he’s alive and nothing happened.



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