This feels very strange. Yet also extremely familiar. 

I know I said I quit. And I’m sorry for posting after I confirmed that I would be leaving. I know it’s probably annoying. I should just leave and be gone, right? No coming back, no sentimental returns. This is what I chose. I chose to leave. 

Wow. This does feel really weird. Coming back to this, I’m thinking of all the time I spent here. This site. And all the things I typed down and shared. 

A whole lot has changed since then. But you didn’t ask for an update. 

I know a lot has changed here too. I don’t know who’s still here and who is not.

And I know I don’t have a place here anymore. But I want to start a private blog just for me, and I figured you all have the right to know if you’re still here and active. 

So for the record, 


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