This feels very strange. Yet also extremely familiar. 

I know I said I quit. And I’m sorry for posting after I confirmed that I would be leaving. I know it’s probably annoying. I should just leave and be gone, right? No coming back, no sentimental returns. This is what I chose. I chose to leave. 

Wow. This does feel really weird. Coming back to this, I’m thinking of all the time I spent here. This site. And all the things I typed down and shared. 

A whole lot has changed since then. But you didn’t ask for an update. 

I know a lot has changed here too. I don’t know who’s still here and who is not.

And I know I don’t have a place here anymore. But I want to start a private blog just for me, and I figured you all have the right to know if you’re still here and active. 

So for the record, 



If any of you have this app, I have a few stories to recommend. Episode has a lot of bad user-made stories, but also some really great ones.

Prophecies by Kiara H.

Amnesia by Josefine H.

Human by Gina Massaro

The Royals by Arden Cole

Hunted by J. Bring

RydeShare by Phil Singleton


Don’t Be Melloncholy- Legolas x Tauriel Fanfiction

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t been posting in a long time. I also haven’t been using the reader much lately either. Not sure when I’ll be getting back on track, but with summer break nearing, it’ll definitely happen! I’ll have more time, and exciting experiences to share! Wooo!

Anyways, I’ve started a new fanfiction, revolving around the Legolas and Tauriel (Legriel) ship in Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit! Here’s a quick summary.

When the dwarves are thrown in jail, and the orc raids continue, Tauriel knows that something big is happening, although Thranduil may refuse to acknowledge it. When she and Legolas defy the elven king’s orders for the sake of a larger problem– an evil that must be ended– their forbidden feelings for each other only expand. With each passing day, hiding their love for each other grows more and more desperate and painful, and eventually… it becomes impossible.

I’m writing this fanfic on Wattpad, so I can hopefully get feedback and comments!

Enjoy the story!


I don’t think any of you are into LOTR, but if you are, then YAAAAASSSSS!


Anyone have an Instagram?

I got one recently. I can’t believe my mom actually let me. 

My sister also made one, and my mom made one just to watch our accounts and make sure we behave, and don’t post any pictures of ourselves or give personal information. 

My Instagram username is the_eye_of_sauron. My name is Crystal June. The profile picture is derpy Thor. 

Sneak peek (of a picture I took similar to the ones on my account)

Comment your usernames below so I can follow you! Or you can follow me and I’ll just follow back. 


Exams and Bill Nye

Yesterday- Wednesday the 18th.

My first class was really chill… we just worked on each of our literary analysis.

There we’re only a few people. Most people in our grade were taking the Keystones (state exam) for Algebra. The Geometry students took that last year, when we were in that class, so we’re done with it and don’t have to take it this year.

Then, we had a math quiz in second period, which ended up being a lot more relaxed than I expected. It wasn’t very stressful at all; I actually felt quite calm, despite this being my least favorite chapter.

In third period, almost everyone was also in Geometry, so they took the quiz, too. For the beginning of class, we were madly arguing and discussing the quiz and interrogating each other about the answers.

The teacher mocked us, saying “Oohh, I got (0,0) for number 6, what did you get?”

Then she said we were going to bring the level down to Bill Nye video level. And apparently people thought he was dead, but he’s alive and nothing happened.


Band (Spring) Concert

We had our Band concert the day after the Orchestra, Chorus and Handbells one.

First, we went to the LGI (at the high school, where the concert was taking place) to warm up. We did some scales and note exercises, and we were…. very loud. Haha.

Then, we went out to the seats designated for Band members. The jazz band played first, and they sounded great! There were one or two solos.

After four songs by the jazz band, the 6th grade band performed, and then we (7th and 8th) were up. We played Triumphant Fanfare, Into the Woods, and Rolling Stones on Tour.

Three awards were given. Matt got one- no surprise there. He’s a really good saxophone player, and pretty much everyone in band knows it. He’s also in jazz band and has had multiple solos, even though they usually switch up the people for solos. Reade also got an award. That wasn’t surprising either- the band teacher said that this person was in chorus, band, and handbells, and he was the only one who fit that description. He said, “Act surprised, Reade!” and Reade did a dramatic gasp and shocked face. I don’t remember who the last person was, but I don’t think it was that surprising for them either.

Then, the 6th graders and the “Sonic Drum Squad” joined us, along with previous band members in the audience, and we played an encore.

Finally, someone took a photo of all of us together on the stage. It would be the start of a new tradition of having pictures of the band each year on posters in the band room. And it definitely isn’t the only tradition started this year… my last year here at the middle school band. Oh, and of course there was also a “silly” picture. Someone yelled for everyone to dab.