Pictionary in Math

In Math, we played Pictionary. It was Friday, one day before the weekend and Spring Break. UPDATE: THIS IS NOW SUPER LATE

Our teacher said that she worked us very hard each and every day, and some people even wrote #nodaysoff on the tips for future students. We did get to do origami one day, though,  which was kind of related, because… Geometry.

We used cards and tried to draw/guess as many words as possible, but then for the final round, the students from the previous class picked our themes. We also got to pick our teams. I think there were five teams?

One theme was Frozen. Andrew tried drawing Elsa and her braid, while Davy (on our team) started drawing a simple, messy snowflake, so we totally roasted them in that round…

The last round, between the two final teams, was based off of ring around the rosie. The people drawing for each team drew rings, roses, and a whoole lot of circles. Some of the guesses were blood diamonds, rose rings, roses around rings, and circles around roses.

Oh, and one of the themes was Percy Jackson! I freaked out, and wished I could’ve been the one drawing.



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