Lightning and Lacrosse 

Wow. I actually have a cool-sounding title. You know, two ‘L’s. Awesome. I had track last Wednesday (3/16) again. 

It started drizzling very lightly, and then we saw a large, beautiful flash of lightning over the horizon, in the direction of our school. 

At least I thought it was beautiful. Clearly other people did not, for I heard several loud screams arise from the high school track path.

The track coaches told us to lightly jog back to school and get inside the gym. 

One of them said, “This is called ‘Don’t get struck by lightning.'”

Before, when we had been doing warmup sprints, he said it was called “Don’t be last.”

And let’s just say… people went a little faster than a “light jog”. And people did continue to emit short, high screams that made me want to cover their mouths. Or better yet, gag them. 

Even my friend (who I’ve mentioned before in posts) Ciana, screamed a few times. And she almost ran into me. She was running in a straight line and then suddenly swerved left to avert a tree, shouting, “LIGHTNING STRIKES BIG TREES!”

Meanwhile, another friend in track, Natalie, remained… like a normal human being. Although I suppose that’s arguable. After all, the majority of the girls did scream at least once. And Ciana is generally an upbeat person. Anyways, I met Natalie last year and got to know her a bit more this year, through band and track. 

We went inside to do a little cool down and then went to get picked up by our parents. 

There was pretty much no one outside. I did see Reade, a friend from Advisory, Math, French, and Band. He was holding a lacrosse stick. 

He walked over and we talked about how all the girls were screaming. See, I’m not the only one who thinks it not necessary to scream when outside in a thunderstorm!

“There’s no one outside. Everyone’s just hiding inside the cafeteria.” He said. 

I looked in the cafeteria. It was very true. Everyone was just hiding there. Wow, okay. So maybe I don’t exactly take safety precautions. But we were fine. I didn’t even see  lightning anymore. It was all good. 

I kept checking my phone and looking around the parking lot, since I was carpooling with someone else and had no idea where they were or where their car was and started getting anxious. Eventually, it worked out okay, though. 

Anyways, we just talked about random things like St. Patrick’s Day the next day, and the advisory breakfast tomorrow. 

He also said that no one thought he played lacrosse and everyone was so surprised when they found out. 

“It’s like, no, I’m just carrying around my brother’s lacrosse stick for some reason. Yeah.”  xD

I said I thought he looked like a soccer player, and then we started talking about soccer. 

Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been getting better at keeping up a conversation. Or maybe it’s just the people I talk to that can, well enough to make up for my blundering “ability” to do so. Or maybe some people are just easier to talk about random things with. 

Like Olivia (y’all probably know who she is; she’s been in tons of posts), Natalie, and Reade. 

(Meanwhile a much less successful conversation continues between Sara and I)



10 thoughts on “Lightning and Lacrosse 

  1. I nearly got struck by lightning back in 8th grade. I was 3 feet away from the tree and we’re sitting by the benches. We felt the current though and was advised to be off sick for like 3 days or so…

    Goodluck on your convo with Sara 😀

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